PEAT- project:  "A review of the importance of peatlands in the countries within the Nordic Baltic Wetland Initiative for mitigation climate change and potentials for restoration with a reference to designate peatland Ramsar sites in the region."

The project was funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.


The aim of the project was to analyse and review information on the importance of peatlands for mitigation of climate change in the participating countries and to prepare a report to disseminate such information more widely. Moreover, the project was identifiyng peatland hot spots for their continued conservation, rehabilitation and management using the wise use principle as developed under the convention. To achieve this, an understanding of the importance of the peatlands in climate regulation was crucial. Moreover the aim of the project was to identify, where the potential for conserving and reducing emissions would be most effective identifying hotspot areas for such actions. 


A final report presenting the importance of the Nordic Baltic peatlands in climate change regulation and the Ramsar context can be downloaded here.

More results of the project and workshop materials can be found here.

Project description